Joe Biden Shuts Down Democrat Objecting to Confirmation of Trump’s Win: IT’S OVER (VIDEO)

Democrats made a last ditch effort to stop Trump from becoming president today but got shut down by Vice President Joe Biden. reports:

Joe Biden shuts down attempt to invalidate Georgia’s electoral votes: ‘It’s over’

Vice President Joe Biden quickly bottled up an eleventh-hour attempt by a House Democrat to invalidate Georgia’s 16 electoral votes for Donald Trump on Capitol Hill Friday.

Biden cut off a procedural protest from Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat who was sworn in for her first term in the House of Representatives earlier this week, exclaiming, “It’s over.” Before she was stopped, Jayapal cited long lines to vote in Georgia on Election Day.

Jayapal was one of a handful of progressive House Democrats who were protesting many of the votes states cast for Trump during a joint session of Congress to certify last month’s Electoral College results.

Biden’s remark earned applause from many of the Republican lawmakers in attendance. In his role as Vice President and head of the U.S. Senate, Biden was tasked with emceeing the event and had already contended with several other challenges from Democrats.

After Biden shut her down, Paul Ryan can bee seen laughing right behind him and there’s also some applause.

Watch the video:

That’s it.

All that’s left now is the inauguration.

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