Joe Biden Throws Corrupt Clinton Fdn. Under The Bus Over Foreign Donations (VIDEO)

Biden Clinton Foundation

Democrats never have a good answer when they’re pressed on the pay-for-play scam known as the Clinton Foundation. Vice President Joe Biden was recently questioned about it by an MSNBC reporter and admitted they need to stop accepting foreign donations.

The Right Scoop reported:

UM…Joe Biden just threw the unethical Clinton Foundation under the bus

Vice President Joe Biden was out campaigning for Hillary today when he was asked about the Clinton Foundation and whether it’s been 100% ethical:…

If Biden wants to defend her, he should just lie and say she’s been 100% ethical. But even he can’t find it in himself to do that.

And then he added after the follow up:

“Well I think you’ll see them stop taking foreign donations”

Watch the video:

Even Democrats can’t defend the indefensible.

Let’s hope they get more questions about this and more voters see them squirm.

(Image is a screen cap.)

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