OOPS! Audi Airs SuperBowl Commercial About ‘Gender Equality,’ Despite All-Male Board Of Directors

Audi was trying to drum up gender equality hysteria during the SuperBowl.

But, it’s just simply NOT working whatsoever.

Audi’s commercial was all about perpetuating the mythical gender wage gap, a feminist dogma lie that has been debunked since the 1970’s.

However, if the company was planning on lying, they should have known they were about to get exposed by President Trump supporters.

Turns out, Audi’s board of directors doesn’t have a single woman on the board.

Check it out:

Wow! And these are the people preaching to the rest of us about “equality.” Really?! Don’t preach and spread lies about the non-existent wage gap when you don’t even have women on your board of directors!

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