Bernie Sanders Admits He’ll Work With Trump To Help Middle Class: ‘Count Me In’ (VIDEO)


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) is now admitting that he will work with President-Elect Donald Trump.

Sanders, while on The View, practically said he was excited for working with Trump on issues that most impact the middle class, saying Trump could “count me in.”

Real Clear Politics reports:

“When Mr. Trump says he’s going to be for the working class, you know what, we’ve got to hold him accountable,” Sanders said. “We’re going to list all the things that he said. You want to raise wages? Hey, count me in!”

BERNIE SANDERS: Here’s what happened. Do we have racists and sexists in this country? We do. On the other hand, I think that Trump touched a nerve on the part of the country that media doesn’t often talk about. And that is, you’ve got a middle class for the last 40 years that has been shrinking. You’ve got people working two or three jobs…And people all over this country — black, and white, and latino — are saying ‘What about me? Who’s going to stand up for me?’

Trump’s not even sworn in yet and he’s already getting bipartisan support!

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