Trump Supporter On Jay-Z: Black Community Needs More Than Entertainment! (VIDEO)


While Hillary Clinton is out trying to woo black Americans with appearances from Jay-Z, Donald Trump is actually talking about issues that impact black Americans.

On CNN, black Trump supporter Brunell Donald-Kyei slammed Hillary for thinking she could just show up with some rappers and magically get the support of every black American. She said that’s not what blacks are looking for, they’re actually looking for a seat at the table:

“I’m not saying that the president [Obama] is the reason why we have every problem. What I am saying is that there were promises made eight and four years ago that did not come to fruition for the black community so you’re gonna need more than some entertainment to get people to come out and vote for you.”

Watch the whole thing. The comments referenced above start at the 6:30 mark:

When you think about it, how absolutely racist is it of Hillary to think she can just show up to a rally with black Americans and assume she’ll get people’s votes just based off that?

Pretty ridiculous.

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