CNN Caught Telling ‘Undecided Voter’ What To Say In Post-Debate Focus Group (VIDEO)


CNN has notoriously become known as the ‘Clinton News Network.’

Why? Well, because they’re utter shills for Hillary Clinton and attack Donald Trump any chance they get.

For instance, CNN just got caught coaching an “undecided voter” on live TV, telling her what to say when the camera pans over to them for the segment, where the voter then tells the audience that she liked what Hillary said.

Take a look:

Right when the camera pans back to the focus group, the CNN host can be heard telling the voter “America’s great…”

That’s when the voter then goes on to say “She stated that America is already great and I tend to agree with that though we are slow and progressing and we need to continue the momentum.”

So CNN is coaching their “undecided voters” what to say in order to keep a positive narrative going about Hillary?

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