CRINGEWORTHY: Watch Liberals On MTV Lecture ‘White Guys’ About WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM (VIDEO)

White men are the only group of people in America that you can openly discriminate and rail against.

So, no wonder Democrats are losing nation-wide, because video’s like MTV News’ latest one, where they actually lecture “white guys” on everything they hate about them, go viral and tick people off.

Here’s a partial transcript via Breitbart:

“Can we all just agree that ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn’t the opposite of ‘All Lives Matter?’” one of the people in the video says. “Black lives just matter. There’s no need to overcomplicate it.”

“Also, Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing,” adds another. “Cops weren’t born with blue skin. Right? I mean, yeah. They weren’t born blue!”

One woman suggests white people learn what “mansplaining” is, and then stop doing it, while another says that “nobody who has black friends says they have black friends” to prove they’re not racist.

“We all love Beyoncé, and yes, she’s black, so of course she cares about black issues. I’m talking to you Fox News,” one man in the video says.

Take a look at this madness:

That should help Democrats win more elections, right?

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