Watch What Happens When Trump Supporter Confronts Martha Raddatz On Her Anti-Trump Debate Bias (VIDEO)


Second presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz is just like any other mainstream media reporter, she’s a Hillary Clinton flacky.

So when Donald Trump supporter Tracy Connors confronted Raddatz on the street, she asked her about her bias against the New York business mogul.

But in true liberal fashion, Martha just ran away. Check it out:

“Have you been getting a lot of flack for the stuff at the debate last night,” Connors asked Raddatz.

“No, no, sure online,” Raddatz responded.

“For your own behavior or anything like that for pushing back on Trump,” Connors pressed.

“And Hillary,” Raddatz added.

“No, I watched it, you gave Trump a really hard time,” Connors told Raddatz.

That’s when Raddatz started fleeing the scene, saying “Alright, gotcha.”

How pathetic are these reporters?

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