Dick Cheney To Media: Trump Made It So ‘WE DON’T NEED YOU GUYS ANYMORE’ (VIDEO)


Former Vice President Dick Cheney – no fan of President-Elect Donald Trump – is now admitting that Trump has revolutionized the way Presidents communicate with the American public.

Watch Cheney say that Trump has made the media utterly pointless, per Real Clear Politics:

From the video:

FMR. VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY: “I think he is putting some brains and good people with him. I am a big fan of Mike Pence. I know Mike well from his 12 years in the House and I think he’s a great choice as Vice President. He’s going to play a major role. I think Mr. Trump is taking very, very seriously the job that he has gotten now. Staffing up the administration.

I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it is sort of a way around the press. He doesn’t have to rely upon, uh, rely upon — this is the modern era, modern technology. He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.

Even neoconservatives are admitting Trump is a genius!

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