Dissident Feminist Icon Camille Paglia Calls Out Madonna: ‘Embarrassing Inability to Deal with Aging’

Dissident feminist icon Camille Paglia has always gone after the hypocrites in the feminist movement!

And this time, she’s taking a shot at Madonna.

Daily Mail reports:

Camille still cites Madonna as ‘one of the most creative and influential women artists of the modern era’, but she argued that the singer’s ‘artistic development has been stalled for 20 years’ an she has become a ‘prisoner of her own wealth and fame’.

‘It is truly tragic to see Madonna descend into embarrassing displays of maudlin self-pity and irrational accusations against others,’ Camille added. ‘She is turning into a horrifying combination of delusional, vampiric Norma Desmond and bitter Joan Crawford on the bottle.’ 

This woman doesn’t back down!

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