French Leader Marine Le Pen Warns Ahead Of Election: ‘Hillary Clinton Is A Danger To World Peace’


For France’s right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, a Hillary Clinton presidency is unsettling.

In an interview ahead of the US presidential election, Le Pen talks about how Hillary as president would mean potential world disorder and disaster.

RT reports:

 “There is a candidate who appears a lot more dangerous for France than the others – that’s Hillary Clinton,” the head of the National Front told RT France in an exclusive interview. “I’m not American so I don’t need to make a choice. But… in the interests of France, Hillary Clinton is probably the worst choice out there.”

Le Pen sees the Democratic frontrunner as being so “dangerous”because of Clinton’s career as US Secretary of State, in which she worked “hand in hand with the full spectrum of American decisions”that eventually “plunged the world objectively into chaos.”

“I think if she was elected she would continue this policy, a destructive policy, a policy of conflict, a policy of imprisonment of Europe in blinded Atlanticism,” Le Pen said. “I think it’s a danger for world peace.”

Wow. The world is watching this election and if Hillary gets elected, we could possibly see a challenge with Russia and their situation in Syria.

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