MULTICULTURAL NIGHTMARE: Second Christmas Tree Is Burned Down By Migrants In Sweden


Sweden is the European bastion of multiculturalism, where the Muslim population is booming and the Swedish population is dwindling like never before.

Just in time for the holidays, migrants in Sweden are burning down Christmas decorations now.

The Local reports:

A second Christmas goat has been reduced to ashes in Sweden, with the festive figure on island Gotland set alight only two days after the giant goat at Gävle met the same fate.

The smaller goat, which stood at Donners plats square in Gotland’s largest town Visby, was discovered burning during the early hours of Tuesday morning by a passer by, who then alerted the emergency services.

It was engulfed in flames by the time fire fighters arrived, and now only the steel skeleton remains. A police report of vandalism has been filed.

Determined not to be beaten by the arsonist, the local trade association now plans on cleaning the frame and covering it with new Christmas lights to make it festive-looking again – though this time they will skip adding straw.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what multiculturalism looks like!

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