President Trump Announces NEW JOBS During Meeting With American Manufacturing CEOs (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is delivering on his campaign promises.

He promised jobs, and jobs is what America is getting!

During a meeting with American manufacturing CEOs, Trump announced more and more jobs that are coming back to the country thanks to his America First agenda.

Here was Trump’s opening statement:

And here’s the full list of all of the CEOs Trump met with today to bring jobs back to America:

The Chicago Tribune reported: 

“Trump told the executives that his policies will create millions of jobs, though he did not outline specific initiatives to drive that job growth.

The president singled out Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson, saying she was working on lowering the costs of F-35 fighter jets. Referencing his campaign rival Hillary Clinton, he asked Hewson if she thought the Democrat would have asked for savings on the contracts.”

The American people have not seen a president more interested in American jobs for American citizens in such a long time!

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