REPORT: AG Jeff Sessions Is Reshaping Justice Dept, Could ‘Aggressively Prevent’ Illegal Hiring

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is massively reshaping the Justice Department and is doing quite a phenomenal job. And in a new report, it looks like Sessions may be able to crack down on the hiring of illegal immigrant workers.

Washington Post reports:

The Sessions Justice Department also could move to strip some protections from undocumented immigrants, such as how much time they have to find a lawyer; more robustly defend DHS enforcement policies that are challenged in court; and use the Office of the Special Counsel to aggressively prevent employers from discriminating against American workers by hiring undocumented workers, said Leon Fresco, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Obama administration.

“I think they will be in­cred­ibly active,” said Fresco, who helped draft the 2013 immigration bill while serving as an aide to Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). The only thing that could slow Sessions, he added, was “finding enough individuals with expertise and the willingness to speed these issues along.”

If Sessions follows through, it would represent a sharp break from the policies of his predecessors in the Obama administration. In 2010, the Justice Department, then led by Eric H. Holder Jr., sued Arizona over a state law that granted broad immigration enforcement powers to local law enforcement agencies. The Supreme Court in 2012 upheld a lower court’s ban on key provisions in the law.

Yes! This is the kind of action we need from the Trump administration!

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