UCLA Social Justice Warriors Shout Down Mother Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant (VIDEO)


This may be the most disgusting and disturbing video you see in a while.

While giving a lecture on illegal immigration, Sabine Durden whose son was killed in California by an illegal immigrant, was shouted down by insane social justice warriors claiming illegals aren’t criminals, it’s Americans who are the “real criminals.”

Take a look:

“Is America great today when it wages a genocide against black and brown people? … Its murdering pigs, its murdering police shoot them down without any consequence? Hell no. This whole system is criminal. This event is promoting a racist, fascist, xenophobic agenda. Illegal immigrants are not the real criminals. The criminals are this country and the entire system that feeds on the exploitation and people of the world.”

Read more at the College Fix.

Absolutely appalling.

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