UNBELIEVABLE: Boston Globe Criticizes Melania Trump For Crossing Her Arms In WH Portrait

The mainstream media is so disgusting, they’ll even attack our beautiful First Lady Melania Trump.

Take a look at what the Boston Globe tweeted out when Melania’s official White House portrait was released:

And here’s a snippet of the piece where they somewhat criticized her for crossing her arms:

Since the White House released the official portrait of Melania Trump on Monday, social media denizens have been debating the following: What’s the photo’s most unusual feature?

Is it that Trump’s arms are crossed?

Is it that she’s not really smiling, unlike former first ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton in their official portraits?

Is it that her cool, distant gaze seems to evoke her runway-model past more than her current role as the country’s first lady?

The media is truly vile!

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