Trump’s Immigration Policy Would’ve Stopped Somali Ohio State Killer From Entering The Country


Under President-Elect Donald Trump’s policy to ban immigrants or refugees from terrorist-compromised countries, the Ohio State killer who is a Somali Muslim refugee would have never even made it to America, hence saving the life of at least one of his victims.

According to RT, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the Ohio State attacker who has killed at least one person, would have never been allowed to enter the US under Trump’s plan, as he came from Pakistan in 2014, a country that strongly supports Islamic terrorism.

Artan, a refugee of Somali nationality, moved to Pakistan with his family from Somalia in 2007 and then entered the US under President Obama’s mass refugee resettlement program.

Trump, though has strongly said he will ban immigration from terrorist nations such as Pakistan and would conduct “extreme vetting” for refugees who come from other nations or those who are followers of the Islamic faith.

Trump’s immigration and national security policy would have kept Artan out of the country entirely.


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