SAD: Vanity Fair Reporter Who Predicted Hillary LANDSLIDE Reduced To Attacking ‘Trump Grill’ Restaurant

Vanity Fair’s finest is now attacking President-Elect Donald Trump’s restaurant, called “Trump Grill.”

But, the best part is that this same reporter got the entire election wrong in a pretty humiliating way!

Check out what the reporter has to say now:

On another level, Trump Grill falls somewhat short of that lofty goal. The restaurant features a stingy number of French-ish paintings that look as though they were bought from Home Goods. Wall-sized mirrors serve to make the place look much bigger than it actually is. The bathrooms transport diners to the experience of desperately searching for toilet paper at a Venezuelan grocery store. And like all exclusive bastions of haute cuisine, there is a sandwich board in front advertising two great prix fixe deals.

Now check out what the reporter was writing back in August 2016:

The mainstream media is as pathetic as it gets! Trying to cover their butts now by attacking Trump’s businesses after they were proven wrong by the American people!

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