WINNING! Trump Announces He Will Massively Cut Taxes To Boost Job Creation For Retailers

President Donald Trump is already trying to help retailers create more jobs!

NBC reports:

President Donald J. Trump met with eight retail CEOs this morning to discuss border taxes, trade, and infrastructure spending.

Afterward Trump said tax reform is a “great way” to reform the economy. He also pledged to lower corporate tax rates substantially and to remove regulations that cost jobs.

“My administration remains very focused on economic growth issues,” he told reporters.

Autozone CEO William Rhodes, speaking later on behalf of the other CEOs later, highlighted the 42 million jobs retail industry provides and their concerns over the impact of the proposed policy shifts to “our industry, our employees and American working families.”

“We stressed the importance of taking a thoughtful approach to tax reform for both individuals and corporations,” said Rhodes. “The President understands we support pro-growth policies that we believe will lead to greater domestic investment.”

Finally! Common sense solutions to big problems!

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