DEMOCRAT Mayor Actually Calls Out LIBERAL Rioters! (VIDEO)

It doesn’t happened nearly as often as it should, but for once a Democratic mayor is landing on the side of sanity.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler actually condemned the leftists who rioted at the city’s May Day march.  He also actually thanked the police.

KGW reports:

What began as a peaceful march for labor rights on May Day in Portland turned violent as a group of self-described anarchists threw objects at officers and officers fired non-lethal weapons back. Police canceled the permitted march and deemed it a riot as tensions escalated. 

Portland police arrested 25 protesters, on charges ranging from arson to assault, criminal mischief and theft. All 25 suspects were cited for failing to obey a peace officer, and police said the arrests will be reviewed for additional charges.

“In Portland we respect peaceful protest, but we do not and cannot support acts of violence and vandalism,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Tuesday morning. “That’s not political speech. That’s crime.”

He’s right!

Violence like this is completely unacceptable.  It’s a good thing that the police stepped in quickly to ensure that more property wasn’t damaged and that innocent members of the public weren’t hurt.

There has been too much of these types of incidents lately.  It’s going to take mayors on both sides of the isle to step up and speak out against this type of behavior.  These rioters need to know that this is not going to be accepted and that they will be punished if they engage in violence.

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