Judge Nap Discusses Supreme Court With Trump: “Looking For Someone Who THINKS LIKE JUSTICE SCALIA” (VIDEO)

Today, Fox News Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano met with Trump to discuss Supreme Court picks.

It was the second time they met on that topic.

After the first meeting, Judge Nap said, “He was interested in a broad range of ideas and attitudes about the type of person who would best fill Justice Scalia’s seat.”

After this second meeting, Judge Napolitano said, “We discussed judicial attitudes and the judicial temperment and ideology and candidates for the Court.”

Watch (via Varney & Co.):

Later with Shepherd Smith, Judge Napolitano also said (click her for video):

“He is looking for someone who thinks like Justice Scalia.

And we discussed the type of things that animated Justice Scalia – his views that the Constitution’s meaning was established and fixed at the time it was enacted and amended. It doesn’t change with the passage of time.”

An Originalist and Constitutionalist for the Supreme Court!

Good news for Conservatives!

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