JUDGE NAPOLITANO: 9th Circuit Court Ruling On Trump Order Was ‘Intellectually Dishonest’ (VIDEO)

Last night on FOX News, there was a segment that focused on the liberal 9th Circuit Court’s ruling against Trump’s executive order calling for a temporary travel ban.

They brought in Judge Andrew Napolitano to offer legal analysis and he called out the court. Big time.

Mediaite reported:

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Court Ruling Was ‘Intellectually Dishonest Piece of Work’

He said they “inadequately addressed the primacy of the presidency when it comes to establishing foreign policy” and instead “stayed in the weeds on the rules.”

Napolitano said some of the president’s criticisms are “well-grounded” and made this observation a little later:

“This is an intellectually dishonest piece of work that the 9th Circuit has produced tonight, because it essentially consists of substituting the judgment of three judges for the President of the United States, when the Constitution unambiguously gives this area of jurisdiction––foreign policy––exclusively to the president.”

You can watch the whole segment below:

If people want to have an honest intellectual debate about Trump’s order, that’s fine. But can we at least acknowledge the fact that Obama trampled on the Constitution repeatedly for eight years and liberals said nothing?

The objections of the left now seem purely based on spite and partisanship.

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