Kellyanne Conway: Hillary’s People “DID A HIT JOB” On Comey Today (VIDEO)

Two great female Trump supporters discussed the FBI re-opening its investigation.

With Judge Jeanine Pirro, Kellyanne Conway talked about the Hillary Campaign response. She noted that Hillary’s people always attack the messenger. In this case: James Comey of the FBI.

Watch (via Darren32895836):

From the video:

Kellyanne Conway: “He [Trump] is not pushing this too far. And the reason is: People will make up their own minds. They know who Hillary Clinton is. They see her team on total defense today and yesterday. And what did Clinton and her team do today? They did what they always do. They shot the messenger. They did a hit job – from stem to stern – on Jim Comey today. ‘It’s his fault’ . . . when they don’t have the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ or the Republicans to blame, they’re completely out of sorts.”

She’s right.

And to prove the Hillary people are hypocrites, here’s Tim Kaine’s take on Comey just a few days ago:

Tim Kaine: “He’s someone with the highest standards of integrity.”

Now the Hillary people are singing a different tune!

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