Kellyanne Smacks Down CNN’s Chris Cuomo Over Criticism Of Trump’s Sons (VIDEO)

It’s amazing. Liberal media types who pushed Obama’s policies for eight years have become suddenly aggressive about asking questions of those in power.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo got a little pushy asking questions about Donald Trump’s sons and their charitable work but Kellyanne Conway set him straight.

The Hill reports:

Conway, CNN anchor face off in argument over Trump sons

Top Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on Thursday morning had a heated exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over the president-elect’s sons’ ties to charity organizations.

In a contentious interview on CNN’s “New Day,” Cuomo accused Conway of making the same defense that Hillary Clinton made about her ties to the Clinton Foundation, which Conway emphatically denied.

Conway was then asked why Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were distancing themselves in recent days from the charity organizations that have raised red flags among critics.

“Because they support their father and they know that we’ll never get a fair shake in the Trump administration, and that’s unfortunate,” Conway responded. “I think this conversation shows that.”

Watch the video:

There’s a reason Trump places so much trust in her!

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