Laura Ingraham BLASTS PAUL RYAN: He’s “Blowing Up The Republican Party” (VIDEO)

Wow! Laura Ingraham is on fire!

She went on Fox & Friends to blast Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte and the other RINOs. She told them to stop stabbing Donald Trump in the back. And she said they should take some lessons from Democrats on how to win an election.


From the video:

The people who are blowing up the Republican Party are the Kelly Ayottes, the Paul Ryans, all these other people, who run to their friends in the press after Donald Trump has a strong debate performance – they run to their friends in the press and say ‘Ooh, let me tell you what’s happening behind closed doors.'”

Now, that’s what the Democrats never do. They never break ranks with their nominee. They never dump on their nominee in public to the media.”

Politics is about winning. If you don’t win, you cease to be a party that is relevant in America today.

Go, Laura!

She’s absolutely right!

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