Liberal Commentator Shocked To Find Conservatives At Fox News Are “Caring And Kind”

Sally Kohn is a far left political commentator and writer. She has worked for CNN and FOX News. She recently wrote a piece for Time Magazine about her time at FOX where she learned a few things about conservatives that surprised her.

From Time:

I Was a Liberal Who Worked at Fox News. Here’s What That Taught Me About Arguing Politics

It may seem surprising for a liberal commentator like myself, but from 2010 to 2013, I worked in the most prominent den of American conservatism: Fox News. During my time at the network I came to realize how condescending I’d been in my views about not only the people who worked at Fox News but the people watching at home. And condescension is just a snooty form of prejudice; we are only condescending to those we feel are inherently beneath us. The more I got out of my own liberal bubble, the more I met other conservatives who were neither stupid nor hateful — or at least no more deliberately hateful than I was.

Those experiences really challenged my biases and assumptions. I’m not saying that Sean Hannity is the nicest person on the planet; his political views are certainly not anywhere near what I would reasonably call nice. What I am saying is that I realized that the person I’d thought of as entirely cruel, as the caricature of a horrific right-wing monster, is actually caring and kind, and a good dad and a supportive friend. Including a supportive friend to me.

Too bad more liberals couldn’t spend some time working at FOX News.

They might learn the same lesson.

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