LOL! Liberals Now Saying “DRAIN THE SWAMP” Is Racist (VIDEO)

Oh, my!

Just when you think Liberals can’t stretch any further . . .

During the campaign, “Drain The Swamp!” became a favorite cry at Trump rallies.

Now, a Liberal is saying that phrase doesn’t mean what everyone thinks it means. 

He’s saying it’s “racist!”

Watch (via Fox & Friends):

He’s wrong!

It’s not racist. “Drain The Swamp” captured the anger at the corruption in DC.

And, the Daily Caller reports, it was actually Nancy Pelosi who coined the phrase to attack Republicans, back in 2006!

This time around “Drain The Swamp!” focused Conservatives on the real problem: Liberals living high off Federal dollars. 

Now, we’ve got a President who is ready to take away money from Liberals. He’s ready to cut their funding. He’s ready to drain the swamp of what’s feeding the swamp: Too many tax dollars!

Let’s go: Drain the swamp!

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