LOL! MSNBC Host Insists Hillary Clinton Has Created Jobs (VIDEO)


Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has been living off the public dime by working government jobs her entire life. She’s never owned a business or even created one so she certainly hasn’t created any jobs, but you can’t tell that to MSNBC.

The Washington Examiner reports:

MSNBC host insists Clinton created jobs

An MSNBC news anchor insisted on Friday that Hillary Clinton has a record of job creation that’s at least more than “zero,” but then struggled to point to any evidence of her claim.

The anchor, Stephanie Ruhle, interviewed Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, a Donald Trump supporter, who said Trump created “thousands and thousands” of jobs as a businessman.

“How many jobs has Hillary Clinton created?” asked Rutledge. “Zero is the answer. Zero jobs for any woman. Zero jobs for any man, for that matter. So, she has zero credibility when it comes to job creation.”..

“I just want to be sure,” replied Ruhle. “We’re not going to walk away saying, ‘Hillary Clinton, the number is zero,’ because it’s not zero.”

Watch the video:

We can’t blame them for trying, right?

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