LOL! PODESTA Called Bill Richardson A NASTY NAME – Cavuto Presses Richardson To Respond! (VIDEO)

Oh, that’s hilarious!

In an interview on Fox Business, Neil Cavuto asked Gov. Bill Richardson about John Podesta’s emails.

Especially the one where Podesta called Richardson a d—.


Richardson tried to deflect, but Cavuto wouldn’t let it go. 

Watch (there may be a commercial from Fox Business first):

Cavuto asked Richardson about the criticism from Hillary’s team. Cavuto said Podesta was mean.

Richardson tried to deflect, said Hillary called him, and they patched things up because they’re old friends.

Cavuto shot back, “I never refer to my old friends that way.”


Cavuto said later, “When I hear people referring to you in this matter, I don’t like it.”

Richardson wouldn’t bite, but Cavuto continued. He wouldn’t let him go!

Go, Neil!

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