LOL! Trump To Protester At #ThankYouTour: “NO, THE ELECTION . . . ” (VIDEO)

That’s hilarious . . .

Trump was in Grand Rapids, Michigan for his Thank You Tour last night.

As Trump was speaking, several protesters started shouting.

Trump responded as only Trump does. 

Watch (via Tucker Carlson):

From the video:

Trump: “The election’s over . . . That was a Bernie fan. [laughter] No, the election ended three weeks ago, Darling. Someday soon, she will be on our side. You watch.”

Trump mocked the protester. And ended with a message of hope.

We haven’t seen a politician like this in a long, long time.

Here’s video of the full crowd as Trump entered:


And here’s one more reminder of how things are going to change with Trump:

Merry Christmas!

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