Look Who Ivanka Met At The White House Today – Remember The Trump Grammy Dress?

Ivanka Trump had a special visitor at the White House this week. Joy Villa, who wore a pro-Trump dress to the Grammy Awards was warmly received.

The Sarah Palin blog reports:

Ivanka Trump Just Posed For A Photo With Joy Villa At The White House

Ivanka Trump posed with a special guest at the White House on Friday—conservative singer Joy Villa!

Villa made headlines after she wore a dress to the Grammy’s that had “TRUMP” emblazoned across the back.

Villa told Breitbart back in February that she wore the dress—which also said “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” down the front—that she wanted to challenge Hollywood’s “suppressive atmosphere.”

Saying you support Trump “should not be something that is almost illegal in this society,” Villa said. “And that’s what it felt like. It felt like a suppressive atmosphere,” she said, referring to Hollywood.

See the photo in the tweet below:

Here’s a flashback picture of the Trump dress:

So cool!


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