Congressman Calls Out Hillary’s Lies On Medical Diagnosis (AUDIO/VIDEO)

Congressman Calls Out Hillary's Lies On Medical Diagnoses (AUDO/VIDEO)

It’s a concussion, or allergies, and then pneumonia. … And nobody believes it. People are coming out of the woodwork to give their opinions on the continued lies, … about Hillary’s health.

Congressman Gary Palmer thinks Hillary is a liar and said this in a recent radio interview. “If lying were a disease, she’d be terminal.” He also thinks she’s lying about having pneumonia.

Before the pneumonia diagnosis Dr. Ted Noel gave a detailed explanation of the more plausible problems with Hillary’s health.

And here, Dr. Drew Pinsky not only explains the fallacies in Hillary’s health spin, but points out clearly, the problems with the care she is receiving from her medical professionals.

And as the speculation and spin mounts, one thing is increasingly clear. Hillary, and her campaign, is less than transparent regarding the state of her health, and has no problem lying about it to the public.

What do you think? Pneumonia? Or is poor Hillary just over worked and dehydrated? Leave your comments below.

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