EPIC RANT: Joe Scarborough Outlines Academic Censorship Of Conservatives On College Campuses (VIDEO)

We all know it, but this rant by Joe Scarborough absolutely clarifies the assault on conservative speech, thought and action on college campuses.

Here’s the vid.

SCARBOROUGH: “Anybody that claims that I don’t know what [I’m talking about]: go to hell! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You live with it every second as a conservative . . . I’m passionate about this for a reason. It is one of the great failings of this country. It is one of the great failings of our academic system that it is so illiberal! That unless you don’t [sic] march in lockstep in the best college campuses in this country, you are shunned! So what do you end up doing? You get shoved to extreme positions, just to push back at the extreme hatred you face from the second you walk into an elite institution.”

Boy, he nails it. And if the lefties inspire some conservative passion as a result of liberal rebellion, then so be it.

H/T: Chicks on the Right and Legal Insurrection

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