Frank Luntz Stunned By Reaction From Focus Group That STILL LOVES TRUMP (VIDEO)

Even Frank Luntz is stunned by how much support Trump still has after months of pounding abuse from the mainstream media and radical leftists.

Real Clear Politics had the video:


LUNTZ: We are now in the middle of June. I want you to give me one word or phrase to describe Donald Trump, now that we have some idea of what who he, give a word or phrase to describe Donald Trump.

FOCUS GROUP MEMBERS: Honest, Determined, Effective, True, Strong, Productive, Tough SOB, Very Authentic.

LUNTZ: How many in this room love the tweeting?

Response to the question was almost unanimous.

Luntz went on to spin that Trump’s base was strong, but small. And he also pontificated that his polling was only at a 30% approval, predicting a loss in 2020.

Of course, who can forget that Luntz predicted Hillary would win. On election night!

Luntz and the rest of the MSM forgets, polling during the election was woefully wrong then, and it continues to be so now, as they all continue to ignore the voice of the people.

Trump supporters are not interested in the daily conspiracies about Russia and collusion. Only people who live in the liberal media bubble care about that.

(Image: Screen Shot)

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