Frank Luntz: Mike Pence Won Debate, Focus Group Nose Dived Every Time Kaine Spoke

Frank Luntz Tweets: Focus Group Nose Dives Every Time Kaine Speaks

The focus group conducted during the VP debate isn’t buying the bully tactics from CREEPY Tim Kaine. In fact, Pence  hit it out of the park and received nearly unanimous support from the focus group who watched the debate.

CBS reported:

The debate is being moderated by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano.

Luntz said Pence is “winning” the debate because Kaine is interrupting constantly.

“Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” Luntz tweeted.

Really, the folks are no longer blinded by the slick political elite B.S. And again, they go for Trump.

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