HATE SPEECH MUCH? Leftist Reporter Calls For Trump’s Assassination


And so it begins. The leftist media just can’t accept the fact that they lost. But this is beyond the pale.

Someone should tell this lefty its a big no-no to threaten the life of a president-elect.

Mediaite reported: 

Presumably, Rajesh was voicing her disapproval of the election of Donald Trump. Her tweet comes after calls for violence during the Wednesday night protests of Trump’s election, and reports of violence against some Trump supporters

Truthfeed is calling for her dismissal:

These violent and emotionally unstable liberal idiots need to be held accountable for their actions.

Please contact Telegraph and DEMAND they fire this idiot.

Sounds like hate speech. What do you think the likelihood is that she will face any consequences at all? We know the rules don’t apply equally on both sides of this issue. Had this been a conservative media member, heads would roll.


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