LOL! Here’s What Hillary Told College Students She Would Have Done Differently In Election


Is it true that liberals are the best Monday morning quarterbacks? If that’s true, then no one is better than Hillary at complaining about lost games.

She took to the stage at her alma mater, to give the crowd her take on the 2016 election.

The Hill has the report:

Democrat Hillary Clinton says the only thing she would change about her 2016 presidential campaign is the outcome.

“I’d win,” Clinton said Thursday when asked at Wellesley College what she would alter about her White House run, according to the Wellesley News.

She must have been embarrassed by her answer because the event was closed down pretty tight.

Clinton’s appearance at Wellesley was a virtually private affair attended by about 1,000 of the college’s faculty, staffers and students.

Clinton’s visit was promoted at a question-and-answer session, but the 90-minute talk was largely unavailable to interested parties off-campus.

Wellesley canceled a promised live stream and scrapped an overflow viewing area on campus.

Not that anybody really cares, but Hillary has a lot to learn about calling the game.

Most of us are hoping her playing days are over.

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