Jeff Flake Faces Primary Challenge For His #NeverTrump Stand

Jeff Flake Faces Primary Challenge For His #NeverTrump Stand

What are these guys thinking? Digging in your heels, looking the American people square in the face and defying their wishes doesn’t win you elections anymore. What’s it gonna take to get that message across to these RINOS?

Jeff Flake is learning the hard way that you work for the people and you give them what they want or someone is gonna knock you off your pedestal.

Breitbart lays it out here!

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has just earned a primary challenge in 2018 because of his efforts to undermine the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Former Arizona state senator Kelli Ward announced on Wednesday that she will challenge Flake, whom she described as a “big government globalist,” in 2018. In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Ward said:

“The #NeverTrump movement led by Sen. Jeff Flake has been an appalling example of power gone awry to the detriment of our country. We have a chance to elect a successful businessman with a plan to lead our country and Mr. Flake just can’t get on board. He’d rather have another DC insider with a known history of corruption at the helm.

Flake has claimed that he is not a member of #NeverTrump, even though he now says he will not vote for Donald Trump and has spent months undermining the Republican nominee’s candidacy.

Flake has adopted the Left’s number one tactic. Deny, deny, deny! How’s that working for you, Jeff?

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