Jimmy Fallon Gives The Donald A New Do (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon Gives The Donald A New Do (VIDEO)Wouldn’t you say, a good quality for the leader of the free world to have would be the capability to not take themselves too seriously? … Well, Jimmy Fallon called out The Donald, with a special request, that had the audience in stitches, and also Trump, himself. It’s a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself and Trump was a great sport on this one.

The NY Post highlighted a great moment when Fallon gave Trump a hair ruffle.

Fallon ended the interview with a request: “Can I mess your hair up? I’ll be gentle.”

Trump grimaced as the crowd cheered.

“The answer’s yes,” the Republican presidential candidate said.

Fallon then enthusiastically dove into the tycoon’s trademark ‘do.

Here’s the great moment:

You would be hard pressed to see a Hillary moment like this!

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