Should Trump hold more rallies?

Laura Ingraham thinks so.

Trump’s rallies do a serious number on cable media pundits and the rest of the Liberal Media.

Trump rallies turn leftist cable media into ashen faced defeatists.

Independent Journal Review has the story:

On Wednesday morning, in light of President Donald Trump’s early campaign rally the night before in Phoenix — as well as the reaction from members of the press — conservative commentator Laura Ingraham tweeted the following:

Ingraham also took shots at CNN anchor Don Lemon and his panel in real time during the network’s postmortem of the rally:

In true Laura Ingraham style, she took on the rest of the besotted media.

It really is very entertaining.

Congress is on her hit list, too. As they should be.

And, of course, a parting shot by New York Times, Maggie Haverman doesn’t miss Ingraham’s gaze.

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you feel like Ingraham.

Watching Trump winning is a great feeling.

And watching the leftist liberal media take a hit, much like on election night, never gets old!

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