Media’s NEW ALLY In Attacks On Steve Bannon: AL QAEDA!

Mainstream Media Teams Up With Al Qaeda To Go After Steve Bannon

The mainstream media continues its name-calling attacks on Trump’s strategist Steve Bannon.

They called him a racist. They called him a white nationalist. They called him a neo-Nazi.

Now, they have a new ally in the name-calling attacks on Steve Bannon: Al Qaeda.

The Foreign Desk reports that Al Qaeda has declared Bannon will bring “white race supremacy.”

Turns out, the liberal media has a new partner in criticizing Donald Trump’s appointment of Chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon—Al Qaeda.

Al Masra, a Yemen-based Al Qaeda weekly newspaper, devoted an entire article to Trump’s appointment of Bannon, warning that he will bring “white race supremacy” to the highest levels of the White House.

“Stephen Bannon is considered a far-right person, and he is the executive chairman of the controversial far-right Breitbart website,” the paper stated.

“He has already published racist titles against women, Jews, and Muslims. Bannon has changed Breitbart website into far-right forum for Neo-Nazis groups who believes in the white race supremacy and anti-Semitism,” they continued.

Wow! None of that is true!

Steve Bannon is a great guy who built a great company to carry on the work of Andrew Breitbart. He’s no racist like Obama’s pastor Rev. Wright. He’s no terrorist like Obama’s friend Bill Ayers.

But Al Qaeda knows good propaganda when it sees it. And the mainstream media is providing plenty!

It’s come to this: The mainstream media and Al Qaeda are on the same side!

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