MAXINE WATERS: Trump Is “One Of” KKK, White Nationalists (TWEETS)

Ever since the president pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Left is melting down.

Maxine Waters is taking it even further by calling President Trump “one of” the KKK and White Nationalists.

The Hill reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Saturday said she wasn’t surprised by President Trump’s decision to pardon former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, calling the president “one of” the “white nationalists” and “KKK”.

“I’m not surprised Trump pardoned racial profiler Arpaio. White Nationalists, KKK, & Duke celebrated Trump’s election b/c he is one of them!” Waters tweeted.

“Trump disrespects minorities, lifts up white nationalists, demeans women & every day finds a way to undermine civil rights. He is deplorable,” Waters continued.

Here are the tweets:

And, insinuating the president actions were a sign of “desperation,” she continues to tweet.

“Trump knows the walls are closing in on him & Russia collusion. His actions this week are acts of desperation. Ultimately, Congress must act”

Who knew such a good thing like the Sheriff Joe pardon would have Liberals so revved up they would forget about Russia?

Just think of what building the wall will do to them!

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