Milo Yiannopoulos Event Cancelled Due To Death Threats

Milo Event Cancelled Due To Death Threats

Things are getting contentious for the conservative Breitbart editor. The FBI has stepped in to stop a speaking engagement due to threats of firearms and explosives being brought to the event.

Breitbart reported.

A credible threat to MILO’s event and Florida Atlantic University students has forced the cancellation of the Breitbart editor’s scheduled talk today.

According to the FAU Police Department, student organizers received a communication threatening to bring firearms to the talk or plant explosives at the venue.

Threats were also made to FAU students.

The threat was relayed to the F.B.I, which after investigation deemed it to be credible. The F.B.I. contacted Florida Atlantic University this morning recommending cancellation of the event and the university took the decision to pull MILO’s event.

Why are liberals so afraid of a gay conservative man?

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