IMAGINE THAT! Financial Aid Applications By Illegals Drop Drastically After Trump Executive Order

Who said Trump’s executive order wouldn’t have positive results? It looks like even though it’s been stalled in the courts, at least one great side effect has come from cracking down on illegal immigration.

Newsmax has the details:

The number of young illegal immigrants in California applying for college financial aid has dropped more than 40 percent, reportedly amid fears of deportation under the Trump administration’s new crackdown.

As of last Friday, the California Student Aid commission, which receives applications from students, said it had 19,768 new and renewed Dream Act applications compared with 34,162 during the same period last year, a drop of 42 percent, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Of that number, there were 8,600 new applications from high school seniors compared with 13,200 at the same time last year, the newspaper reported.

“The numbers are really, really low,” Patti Colston, a spokeswoman for the commission, told the newspaper.

… Under the California Dream Act, undocumented students brought to the United States as children are eligible for in-state tuition and certain forms of financial aid while they are enrolled in state colleges and universities.

But with a new administration clamping down on illegal immigration, many students have become reluctant to share personal information, fearing deportation, the newspaper reported.

Funny how that works. Enforcing the rule of law does have an effect on behavior. Simply amazing.

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