PENCE SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Bannon’s Removal From NSC Is Not A Demotion

In the normal course of events in any administration, there are position shifts and changes. Steve Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council is not a demotion, as the left is trying to insinuate.

Independent Journal Review lays out the facts:

Pence argued that the move was not a demotion for Bannon who serves as the Chief Strategist for President Donald Trump.

“With H.R. McMaster as our National Security Advisor, and the president’s action adding the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, adding the Director of National Intelligence, and moving some of our senior personnel off the National Security Council just simply represents a very simple routine evolution of the national security team around the president,” Pence said.

When McCallum pressed him, asking specifically if the removal of Bannon was a demotion, the Vice President said, “Not for Steve [Bannon].”

And FOX added Pence’s comments that Steve Banana is a very valued member of the administration:

He said Bannon is a “highly valued member” of the administration and this is not a demotion.

“I think with H.R. McMaster’s addition as our National Security Advisor – a man of extraordinary background in the military – this is just a natural evolution to ensure the National Security Council is organized in a way that best serves the president in resolving and making those difficult decisions,” Pence said.

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