Politico Hack Wanted Podesta To Approve Article – Says “DON’T SHARE OR TELL ANYONE I DID THIS”

Politico's Hack Glenn Thrush Begs For Podesta Approval (Tweets)

Where do the boundaries of journalism and politics draw the line? Evidently, Politico’s Glenn Thrush doesn’t have any boundaries. And fortunately for Hillary and her campaign chairman John Podesta, Thrush was willing to grovel to maintain good favor with their political dynasty.

Via Twitchy

So not only did Thrush send his story to Podesta for some weird blessing, he asked Podesta to please not share or tell anyone he did it. He even called himself a hack, which is likely the most accurate thing he wrote.

Glenn was not happy that his email made it to social media, and claimed when he writes a story he does this with everyone, you know, to make sure it’s correct. But if that’s the case, why would he have asked Podesta not to tell anyone?

Yeah, sure, Glenn. All journalists run their work by the subject to check for approval.

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