Retiring Republicans Have Establishment GOP In A Cold Sweat For The Future

The swamp is being drained by at least two more establishment GOP members. This week two, so-called, moderates announced they’re hanging up their hats. That has the GOP establishment worried about just how they are going to maintain their power base.

The Hill reports:

Two moderate House Republicans announced surprise retirements this week, quickening the pulse of Republicans waiting to see if a wave of retirements will jeopardize the party’s path to holding the House majority in 2018. 

As President Trump fuels uncertainty in Washington and his low approval rating raises question about whether the GOP can hold the House, there’s concern among Republicans that lawmakers facing tough reelection campaigns might begin to take the road of least resistance and retire.

Lawmakers intending to retire often announce their plans in the period between Labor Day and the end of the year. But this week’s decisions by Reps. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.) and Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) to skip reelection bids in competitive districts have fanned speculation once again that the GOP will soon see more lawmakers heading for the exits.

… “The rationalizations that might explain why they are not running for reelection could seep into the minds of other Republicans holding these marginal seats. Obviously that could be bad news for [Republicans].” 

Dent, for his part, pointed Thursday to congressional gridlock as the main reason driving him to give up his seat. He said he had been considering retirement since the bruising 2013 government shutdown, but ultimately felt this year was the right time.

Those seats might not be so hard to maintain if some Trump supporting candidates step up.

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