College Students Claim They Want Socialism But Can’t Even Describe What It Is (VIDEO)

Socialism is a great concept if you don’t understand the reality is that comes with it. For generations, kids have grown up without being taught the dark side of living within a culture that completely strips away your liberty.

Watch this video and think about how important it is to teach the following generations about socialism and maybe change the dysfunctional narrative:

eHeadlines has the transcript:

In your opinion, is socialism a good thing or a bad thing?

… I mean, I think people kinda throw that word around to try to scare you. If helping people is socialism, then I’m for it.

… Socialism as a concept, as a philosophy is good. I think that it’s got a bad rap.

… To spread the wealth is definitely a good thing in America and it’s defiantly a thing that’s needed.

Do you have a positive reaction to socialism or a negative one?

… We should have a standard of living for all people, just by default, that should just be available.

How would you define socialism?

… Honestly that definition gets thrown around a lot. I’m not exactly sure.

In the “old” days, helping people used to be called “charity.” And you didn’t have to give up your freedom to do it.

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