Hillary VP Pick Tim Kaine Wants Caucasians To Be The Minority (VIDEO)

Tim Kaine Wants Caucasians To Be The Minority! (VIDEO)

You might want to pay special attention the upcoming VP debates. After all, the VP is a heart beat away from the presidency.

Hands down, Pence is the better choice here, but Kaine is off the rails in his views, and will absolutely be a race baiter if allowed anywhere near the White House.

Spinzone.com published this:

Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine apparently embraces the idea of racial engineering in American society. Either that, or he’s desperately pandering to the far left Black Lives Matter movement.

KAINE: The burden is on those of us who are the majority, …. caucasians here. We’ve got to to put ourselves in situations where we’re in the minority.

The bottom line is this: Not only is Kaine a huge CREEP MONSTER! The guy looks like he just slithered out from under a slimy rock, he’s not even close to fit, for the office of VP, let alone POTUS. This policy attitude alone, proves that.

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