Trump’s CIA Pick Mike Pompeo Sends A Conservative Message To Liberals (TWEETS)

Trump's CIA PICK Pompeo Sends Very Conservative Messages To Libs Via Social Media (Tweets)

It’s a serious job and a serious guy is needed to clean up the huge mess left behind at the CIA under eight years of Obama. Trump has tapped Mike Pompeo, a Congressman from Kansas for the position. Unless you live there, you may not know much about him. The internet is full of bio background but that won’t tell you about the persona behind the public man.

Here are a few tweets that will help you see why you should be confident in the President Elect’s choice for CIA Director. Make sure you see the last Tweet. It’s priceless.

He supported Trump:

Not a fan of the Iran deal:

Doesn’t like executive orders:

Go get em, Mike!

Respects Vets:

He’s on top of the hottest issues in the nation:

This may just be the best of the best. Pompeo sends libs packing:

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